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CBC14: Wear your Beer Geek Breakfast

Copenhagen the 30th of April 2014: For their second collaboration, Chinorocks & Joachim7inch and Mikkeller Beer presents The Beer Geek Absalon at Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2014. 

An Italian handmade tennis shoe; The Beer Geek Absalon is sprinkled with Mikkellers Beer Geek Breakfast generating a unique pattern on the natural tanned leather used on the shoe. On the shoe you will also find the iconic art work that Philadelphia based Keith Shore has made for CBC14 and Mikkeller Beer. 

The Beer Geek Breakfast was chosen for its dark tanning capabilities but also to celebrate the beer that made it for Mikkeller Beer. Also a handmade plywood shoe box was made by Nikolaj Eis, the carpenter who made the first Mikkeller Bar in Victoriagade in Copenhagen. And to top it off a new label has been made for 100 limited bottles of the Beer Geek Breakfast that will be available in pack.

“We haven’t saved on the details. The beer, the box and the art is spot on. Joachim and I even flew down to the factory in Italy with a case of beer to show them the exact way we wanted to beer tan the shoe. They thought we were insane” laughs Jonathan Soriano aka Chinorocks.

The Beer Geek Absalon will be presented at the Copenhagen Beer Celebration from 2-3 of May 2014 and will be available online on www.darkandginger.com from Monday the 4th of May 2014 at 12PM. 

Expected price: 295 EUR for the pack

For more info and images keep yourself updated at: www.mikkeller.dk                                      www.facebook.com/chinorocksxjoachim7inch

or contact us at: js@chinorocks.dk 

About Chinorocks and Joachim7inch

The creative duo started working on projects together in 2012, which has involved old shoemakers from Italy, Scottish fabric makers, The Danish Agriculture and Food Counsel, the biggest suppliers of organic pigs in the EU, world class craft beer makers, pig farmers, a pop up restaurant, A Danish Design Company and many more crazy and diverse things to add to their portfolio in the future. And a part from their mutual interest solo projects between them includes Joachim’s “the Seven Inch Paper” (global distributed sneaker paper), music, fashion projects, consultancy etc.